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Treatment for Male

Treatment Available for Male


erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

If a man is unable to obtain or sustain erections hard enough to penetrate, then he has erectile problems. If this condition occurs every time you try to have sex, then it is termed as erectile dysfunction. There can be many reasons involved, individually or all together resulting in ED-

  • Anxiety about performance
  • Fear of rejection by the partner, in case he fails to satisfy her
  • Low serum testosterone levels
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Stress
  • Bad habits like smoking, drinking too much, drugs, unhealthy food
  • Many psychological problems and their treatments can also result in ed.

At Tandon’s Clinic, we treat ed by learning about the patient’s lifestyle and food habits, making positive changes in their routine if required. By consuming a few Ayurvedic medicines, exercise and diet we can get immediate relief in erectile dysfunction, which will keep your confidence and performance high.



Premature Ejaculation

When ejaculation occurs too early before both partners get sexual satisfaction is termed as Premature Ejaculation. Usually if one is ejaculating before one minute most of the time during intercourse, then it is a case of premature ejaculation. There is no particular reason for PME, but we can cure it by adding a few Ayurvedic medicines, exercise, and diet in our daily routine.


Male Infertility


It is the inability of a male to cause pregnancy with a fertile female.

The reasons might be-

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • or any trauma or injury

There could be another reason involved too, so the patient’s history is very important in treating infertility.

We have achieved great success in infertility treatment. We prescribe ayurvedic medicines and healthy habits in your lifestyle.

100% results in increasing sperm counts and motility are for sure.




Nightfall mostly happens at a young age. When a young boy reaches its adolescence, the body experiences hormonal changes and growth of sex organs. Due to which young boy starts to masturbate and has sex dreams too. This can further lead to involuntary ejaculation, this condition is known as Nightfall. It is very common among young boys but any age group can suffer from this. Lack of knowledge and more myths leads to guilt, embarrassment, and psychological pressure which is definitely not good for a young brain.

We at Tandon’s Clinic guide you with the preventive measures that will help you reducing incidents of Nightfall. The medicines we provide will help you regain your lost strength and stamina.

Watch our youtube video for more information.


Low libido


Low libido is a state in which a person’s interest in sex decreases.  Libido levels vary from time to time but if the low libido state lasts for a long period then it is an indicator of underlying health condition. It can be because of many reasons like- 

  • low testosterone levels
  • Depression, stress

Consuming certain medicines can decrease testosterone levels, which further leads to low libido. Treatment of low libido includes Ayurvedic medicines(no side effects), diet plans, and few lifestyle changes.




It is also called ‘dhat’ in Hindi. In this disorder patient experience unwanted ejaculation without any sexual activity. It can be while sleeping or during the day time or while urinating also

If a person suffers more than twice a week during the day, then it should be brought under a doctor’s notice.

Spermatorrhea is treated by herbal medicines and some changes in lifestyle.



Masturbation addiction


We provide complete assistance to get rid of masturbation addiction. The addiction can’t be numbered but if you feel you are addicted to masturbation and it is harming you physically and psychologically then feel free to come to Tandon’s Clinic for treatment. In most cases, an addict carries a guilt burden and develops psychological problems. Lack of knowledge and more myths worsens the condition.

The treatment includes detailed counseling sessions(if required), few ayurvedic medicines, and lifestyle changes.




low sperm count in males

Low sperm count in males is referred to as oligospermia. It can hamper fertility in males.

Now everyone with low sperm count is detected but only those who have problems in conceiving ask for help.

Major reasons behind oligospermia –

  • varicocele
  • Std infections can decrease sperm count
  • Any injury
  • few Medicines, drugs, alcohol, hormonal imbalance, overweight can also decrease sperm count

We have excellent ayurvedic formulations to increase sperm count with 100% guaranteed results.

A complete Ayurvedic solution for all your sexual desires and needs. Treatment is 100% SAFE NO SIDE-EFFECTS, CONTACT-9599695500.